Blue Microphones enCORE 200 Dynamic Microphone Review

Blue en-Core 200 is an active dynamic microphone with a cardioid pattern. It delivers a bright, high definition sound that easily cut through the mix. It can best be used for live shows especially with quiet passages as it helps to minimize electromagnetic interference. The unique feature of en-Core 200 is a prebuilt amplifier, which adds a little bit of gain and helps to reduce the annoying hissing and humming noises, which may also result from low quality wires. This mic is quite very durable and the shiny copper finish gives it an expensive look.

Sound & quality

The sound of en-Core 200 can be best described as clarity above all. It may not have a perfect frequency response curve, as there are slight bumps here and there, but it certainly delivers a very balanced sound from top to bottom. When you sing to this mic, you can easily hear every detail without being too harsh or over-accentuated. Also unlike others, it does a great job for any instrumental use, be it stringed or wind instruments. A lot of dynamic mics may sound kind of muffled while condensers tend to overload the fret or bow noise and similar. It does however have a disadvantage, somehow we find it more sensitive to sibilance. It tends to pick up on those hissing sounds, which some singers cannot avoid.

en-core-200The cardioid polar pattern adds a proximity effect that makes the bottom end warmer. If you tend to sound thin, this may actually give you an advantage. However, you may need to keep some small distance as you hold it. If brought too up close, it may result in a strong proximity boost. Usually cardioids have only average gain before feedback, but this model stands out with a higher decibel figure. It isn’t as good as with more directional mics but it should still work for most stages without the risk of triggering squeals.

Unique feature

The unique feature of en-Core 200 is an in-built preamplifier that is powered the same way as condenser microphones using phantom power. It has a somewhat simple electric circuit but it achieves quite a thing, making the signal more stable and less susceptible to different kinds of noises coming from circumference. If you don’t trust your setup and have no time for any experiments on stage, this mic can give you an extra confidence. The electric circuit also adds 4 dB of gain, which will be very helpful for those weaker-sounding vocals as well as saving you from overstraining.

Build & design

En-core 200 has a sturdy build with rugged durability, which is a common advantage of many dynamic mics, and yet it should never be taken for granted. Having some electric circuitry on board does not affect its ability to resist the abuse. It is 7.3 inches long and weighs 0.88 lbs., which is a typical weight for most handhelds and equivalent to a piece of long radish of the same size. I personally love the design, as it is overall simple, has some nice-looking grilles and sits very well in my hand. It also has a small indicator that shows if the phantom power is on. The mic comes with a storage pouch and additional clip.


  • Decent sound quality and remarkable clarity
  • Internal amplifier adds gain and stability
  • Works well for both vocals and instruments
  • Great design & attractive look


  • A bit sensitive to sibilance
  • Strong proximity when up close
Best Price on Blue en-Core 200
Review score
  • Great! - 7/10


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