Audio Technica AT829CW Lavalier Microphone Review

Audio Technica AT829CW is a quality lavalier mic designed specifically for AT body-pack wireless transmitter. If you do not have one yet, you may also get it in bundle with transmitter. This makes a very good all-purpose combo that I recommend above all for the price. Note: the mic uses a unique four-pin connector that is different from XLR, so it won’t work with devices from other vendors. However, although XLR is technically more compatible, for lavaliers it is hardly the best choice. This is because XLR require an electronic circuit that cannot be fitted into a small lavalier mic. As a result, XLR lavaliers all end up with those bulky external modules rather than having simple, straightforward connectors and when paired with a transmitter this solution becomes even bulkier. AT829CW does not have any external module; it uses a more compact connector and, while plugged directly into a transmitter, makes a more efficient system altogether.

AT829CWSound & quality

AT829CW is a semi-professional mic with an excellent price / performance ratio. Audio Technica has never disappointed us with their lavaliers and this model goes in line with our expectations. It captures the voice with a good clarity and decent accuracy; sensitive enough to handle a whisper and won’t fail either as you sing. For best results, you may want to keep it tucked at the collar level.

Note that this is a directional mic with a cardioid pattern so it has to be pointed properly. Ideal for church and business meetings, this model is also good for any moderately loud stages that require higher gain before feedback. Overall, I would point out a very pleasing performance, especially for the price.

Design and durability

The mic has a molded plastic body and carries a non-replaceable element. It could be better if it had been metal but for such price, you have no rights to complain! Although it does give it a bit of a cheap look, this is certainly not an issue. The clip is metallic and of a good quality, though some earlier modifications of AT829CW seem to have had a plastic clip. The wire is a bit too long – 1.4 meters so you will have to coil it. Unfortunately, that cable isn’t particularly sturdy and a lot of coiling further contributes to tearing. This is a quite common disadvantage among lav mics in general and there ain’t much you can do. But at least, if it fails you can replace just the mic and keep the whole system with a transmitter.


  • Excellent price
  • Clear ‘n accurate sound
  • Good gain before feedback
  • Quality metallic clip


  • The wire isn’t particularly durable
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Review score
  • Very good! - 8/10

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