Sennheiser e935 Review – Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Sennheiser e935 is a very powerful but inexpensive handheld. It has a beautifully balanced sound and clarity of a condenser mic. On the other hand, it is quite unpretentious and works wonderfully for both female and deeper male voices. As a cardioid microphone, it sounds more natural than its supercardioid brother e945 and that is expected. What we find most striking is the level of feedback rejection – it is simply incredible… Works not only for peaceful parties, jazz clubs and karaoke – it is perfect for moderately loud stages! Especially for lead singers who don’t have to worry about the bleed (as opposed to back vocalists).

Sound & quality

Sennheiser e935 has a well-crafted frequency pattern with a reasonable presence boost and decent bass roll off, at the same time there is no sudden bumps – the gentle transition makes it sound very natural. This mic has an optimal balance of brightness, which is so crucial for live performance, so it easily cuts through the mix, and yet you won’t hear a pinch of harshness that of the condensers. Indeed, e935 sounds rather smooth, though still offering a good transient response it retains a great amount of detail and clarity! In a side-by-side comparison, for instance, SM58 would sound markedly slurred and muffled.

Design and build

sennheiser_e935Weighing 330 grams, it is slightly heavier than SM58 as well as a bit longer. The mic has a solid, rugged metal design with a good feel and it appears to be quite very durable. E935 is an unpretentious mic that can work in different weather conditions and it proves to be a reliable workhorse onstage. In case that something goes wrong, Sennheiser backs it up with a 10-year warranty. Apart from being extremely resistant to feedback, a humbucking coil assures cancellation of interference, whereas the shock-resistant capsule mounting also does well at minimizing the handling noise.

Who should use it?

Even though we do admit for the most part that mics have to be chosen individually, out of all Sennheisers models, e935 is probably the most successful – it has the sweet spot, it is easy to work with and it works for everyone! Doesn’t matter whether you are a high-pitched female singer, a bassy baritone, tenor or whether you are buying it for your 10-year-old kid, this mic can still give you an amazing performance. As for our ears – we can’t find any flaws and even in terms of price, it is more than affordable. Virtually, this would be an invaluable tool for any musician on stage.


  • This mic produces smooth and natural sound.
  • It has a nice amount of detail and gives you very intelligible lyrics.
  • Offers a good balance of brightness that makes it easy to cut through, i.e. put your voice ahead of the instruments without sounding harsh or tiresome for the ears.
  • Performers find that they can hear themselves clearly while singing at their natural volumes. In other words, with this mic you won’t have to strain your voice in order to be heard.
  • Suitable for all kinds of (male, female and even children) voices.
  • Despite featuring a natural cardioid pickup pattern, this model is extremely resistant to feedback.
  • The mic is quite durable and has a nice solid feel.
  • Very affordable, easily beats more expensive units!

No disadvantages

Review score
  • Outstanding! - 10/10


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